Virtual Art Show

Torngat Mountains, by Phyllis Pritchard.

Over the past 40+ years, the Labrador Institute has been involved with many different kinds of community events, and a lot of them have left traces behind in our archive. I always find it a pleasure to stumble on these glimpses of what was on the go in Labrador in the Institute’s earlier days, long before I was around. On the other hand, sometimes the glimpses raise a lot of questions! Because our archive was not formally established until 2012, many of the materials that came into our possession before that were stored without detailed records of what they were and where they came from.

That makes today’s video an especially good find, because it not only has a very handy title card explaining what it is, but it also features detailed voice-over narration, which is a rare and welcome treat! And so, without further ado, allow me to introduce a video recording of the seventh annual exhibit of the Lake Melville Artists Association. This exhibit was held in January 1985 in partnership with the Memorial University Art Gallery, and fortunately for us, it was recorded for posterity on a videocasette (since transferred to a hard drive).

In the video, each painting is identified by title, author, and medium, making this the perfect opportunity for us to take in the art show just the way that the exhibit curators intended, 35 years down the road! And there are some remarkable pieces indeed.

Detail of Lydia, by Jean Crane.

Unfortunately, the video’s narrator does not identify herself, but the video was probably made either by the LMAA or by Labrador Institute staff, or most likely a partnership between the two. In the 1980s, we were known as the Labrador Institute of Northern Studies, and like our close partners in Memorial’s Extension Service, we were heavily involved in community video production. Many of the videos we created or co-created were not ours to keep, and not all of our own recordings survive either, but nonetheless we do still have hundreds in our finding aid!

As for this particular video, perhaps a viewer might know more about it than we do! Either way, whether this is a trip down memory lane or the paintings are as brand new to you as they are to me, I hope you enjoy the exhibit as much as I did.

The seventh annual LMAA exhibit in partnership with the Memorial University Art Gallery, featuring paintings by local artists in central Labrador. Specific provenance unknown.

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