The Story of Labrador

Today we turn to another very well-known title: Bill Rompkey’s The Story of Labrador, published in 2003. Unfortunately, this is the first Book of the Week that isn't freely available online, but it does remain in print and available from all your favourite bookstores. Some time after I moved to Labrador in 2007, my grandfather... Continue Reading →


This week features a book that's little known in Labrador—but you may recognize the author! The cover of the 1986 edition of Marriage, by H.G. Wells. The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, and The Invisible Man are three enduring, much-adapted science fiction classics from the nineteenth century that are still in print today. ... Continue Reading →

Woman of Labrador

The Book of the Week will be a recurring feature here on LILA Online, showcasing Labrador books.  I’ll try to select a mix of famous titles and more obscure ones.  That way, while we learn a bit more about some of Labrador’s most significant works, we will also shine light on other interesting titles that... Continue Reading →

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