On the Trail with Joseph Iserhoff, 1905

I posted a while back about Labrador diaries. Here’s a peek at one that I’ve had the pleasure to read: the 1905 expedition diary of Joseph Iserhoff, who one of Mina Hubbard’s guides on her famous trek from North West River to Ungava Bay. Hubbard’s diary from that expedition is well known, and you can... Continue Reading →

Virtual Art Show

Torngat Mountains, by Phyllis Pritchard. Over the past 40+ years, the Labrador Institute has been involved with many different kinds of community events, and a lot of them have left traces behind in our archive. I always find it a pleasure to stumble on these glimpses of what was on the go in Labrador in... Continue Reading →

Batteau and Battle

Archival photos from 1920 showcase the changing times. Batteau in 1920. This image was used as part of a curriculum set at the Labrador East Integrated School Board (Display Print #192), Labrador Institute Archive. Photographer unknown. Above is a 1920 snapshot of Batteau, a former fishing community not far south of Black Tickle, on the... Continue Reading →

Labrador Moms

Happy Mother’s Day from LILA Online! Few photographers can resist a mother and baby, and early-twentieth-century visitors to Labrador’s coast were no exception.  The archives are full of historical images of young Labrador families. Here for Mother’s Day are two great portraits of Labrador moms. Both photos belong to the Donald and Miriam MacMillan Collection,... Continue Reading →

Break-Up Time

Images from the Archive. Generations of Labradorians have confronted the same problem every year at break-up time: how do we get around when there’s no longer enough ice for sleds or snowmobiles, but still too much for boats?  Well, judging by the contents of our archive, it doesn’t slow us down too much. Here is... Continue Reading →

On Top of Mount Caubvick

In Canada, south of Nunavut’s archipelago and east of the Rockies, there’s no point higher than Mount Caubvick, right here in Labrador. Mount Caubvick is the highest and perhaps the most famous peak in the Torngat Mountains National Park, but it is not visited or photographed nearly as often as the spectacular slopes right on... Continue Reading →

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