The Big Ship and HMCS Labrador

Whether one browses library books or web sites, one of the chief joys of wide reading is the appearance of unexpected connections. Or so I reflected, while leafing through Henry Larsen's autobiography, when I happened upon a tidbit that may be familiar to followers of LILA Online. The Norwegian-Canadian Larsen was best known for being... Continue Reading →

Mosquitos and More

As our weather warms up and our waterways beckon, the 2020 mosquito season looms.  And as it happens, I recently received an email from Courtney White at the NL Mosquito Project, informing me that the lab results for the 2019 season were in!  My daughter and I were among many citizen participants in the project... Continue Reading →

Diaries Over the Years

The diary has long been one of the most popular forms of writing in Labrador.  It’s such a rich form, capable of everything from fact to fiction, and comedy to tragedy.  On an international scale, just think of two of the most famous twentieth-century diarists—Bridget Jones and Anne Frank—and you'll immediately get a sense of... Continue Reading →

Labrador Moms

Happy Mother’s Day from LILA Online! Few photographers can resist a mother and baby, and early-twentieth-century visitors to Labrador’s coast were no exception.  The archives are full of historical images of young Labrador families. Here for Mother’s Day are two great portraits of Labrador moms. Both photos belong to the Donald and Miriam MacMillan Collection,... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the brand new web presence for the Labrador Institute Library and Archive!  “LILA Online” is our way of engaging digitally and continuing to share information resources, especially while we all stay at home to combat COVID-19.  This is a difficult time for research, as for so many other areas of life, but while... Continue Reading →

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