Order! Order!

While preparing my Book of the Week posts, and more generally while reading Labrador books, I have noticed that several Labrador authors have been named to either the Order of Canada or the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador.  So I thought that it might be interesting and worthwhile to compile a list of Labradorians who... Continue Reading →

The Big Ship and HMCS Labrador

Whether one browses library books or web sites, one of the chief joys of wide reading is the appearance of unexpected connections. Or so I reflected, while leafing through Henry Larsen's autobiography, when I happened upon a tidbit that may be familiar to followers of LILA Online. The Norwegian-Canadian Larsen was best known for being... Continue Reading →

“The” or No “The”?

In 2003, the Yukon Territory became officially just Yukon.  Dropping the “territory” doesn’t seem to have occasioned much fuss, but interestingly, dropping the “the” has been a different matter!  Residents apparently mostly still say “the Yukon,” whereas government documents say just “Yukon.” Bearing this in mind, check out these covers of some old Labrador books... Continue Reading →

How Big is Big?

Taking a quantitative look at the "Big Land" nickname. “The Big Land” is a common nickname for Labrador, said to have been bestowed and popularized by the late Winston White. By the way, you can borrow his book, Getting Along in the Big Land, in ebook format from both Memorial and the provincial public library.... Continue Reading →

May Snowstorms and the Snowiest Month

Online Research Tips: Historical Weather Data Yesterday’s post was all about spring-time melt, but the blanket of new snow covering most Labrador communities today surely takes our minds in another direction! Having been tipped off to the snowfall warning last night by a friend, I straight away took to Environment Canada’s weather page, which I’m... Continue Reading →

Lila the Grey Jay

Did you know? LILA Online’s mascot, Lila, is a grey jay (Canada jay, camp robber, whiskeyjack)—a famously curious bird native to Labrador and Northern forests across Canada.  Check out Michelle Saunders’s Encyclopedia of Labrador article to learn more—including why the name "grey jay" is apparently on the way out. Whatever you call them, the charismatic... Continue Reading →

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