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Open Access Journals

Just as research has changed a lot over the years as the world moves online, so too has academic publishing! Scholarly journals still publish articles (or “papers”) written by experts in their fields—mostly university faculty and graduate students.  They still peer-review those papers, which means that they send them out to other independent experts, not… Continue Reading →

Understanding Online Sources

This online research tip helps with figuring out and citing web sites. I’ve heard all different kinds of questions on the subject of academic sources, usually from people who are trying to cite them formally. First come the most fundamental ones.  Why and when do we cite our sources?  (There are good guides and rules… Continue Reading →

May Snowstorms and the Snowiest Month

Online Research Tips: Historical Weather Data Yesterday’s post was all about spring-time melt, but the blanket of new snow covering most Labrador communities today surely takes our minds in another direction! Having been tipped off to the snowfall warning last night by a friend, I straight away took to Environment Canada’s weather page, which I’m… Continue Reading →

Labrador and the Census Update

Ever wonder how many people lived in your home community in 1935? Need to know the area’s long-term population trends for a research project? Or maybe you just want some numbers to help understand the social context during a given time period? Check out the Labrador and the Census project. First announced by the Labrador… Continue Reading →

Everything Old is New Again

Time for another online research trick of the trade—tracking down online books. Suppose you have a book that you want to read, and suppose you want to read it online.  Maybe you’re in a hurry and can’t spend the time to order a physical copy.  Or maybe there are no physical copies to be had. … Continue Reading →

A Guide to Nots

The Internet is a big part of our information lives these days.  In fact, if you are reading this, then you are likely already an online research expert, whether you know it or not.  After all: how many times have you come online looking for the answer to a question, and then successfully come away… Continue Reading →

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