Labrador and the Census

The Labrador and the Census project originally compiled community-level government census data for Labrador from 1857-2011 (a May 2020 update adds census data from 2016). All data has been standardized, quality-checked, and restructured in a workbook format, to make using it as easy and intuitive as possible.

Ever wanted to know how your community’s population has changed over time? Here are your answers.

The dataset is designed to be self-explanatory, but a supplementary report contains an introduction, sample charts showcasing Labrador population trends, pull-out maps of the region’s historical communities and sub-regions, and a guide to the structure and uses of the dataset. 

Labrador and the Census was conceived by Morgon Mills, to address a gap in the availability of historical census data, beyond what Statistics Canada provides for recent years. Previously, much of this information was only available through physical books in large reference libraries in cities like St. John’s and Ottawa. Comparisons across years or communities required meticulous manual cross-referencing. Keith Chaulk, Brandon Mesher, Jillian Larkham, Bryn Wood, Martha MacDonald, Colleen Field, and Laurie Penney all contributed substantially to the success of the project.

For complete, official data in recent census years, refer to Statistics Canada.

Complete Dataset to 2016
(Excel file)

Link to Labrador and the Census report (2016).
Click the cover image to read the 2016 report for the original project. Hard copies are also available from the Labrador Institute.

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